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Hello, and welcome to “Things are Good All Over.” When I started telling people that I was moving to France, many people said that I should start a blog. The idea of writing a blog solely about my travels did not excite me so much. Of course I would love to keep my friends and family informed, but if they’re curious about how I’m doing I think they should write and ask. 

While I will still be posting pictures of myself next to aqueducts in the next months, the idea of a blog really started appealing to me when I began to think about its utility to my current situation. I am moving away from a family, friends, and a network of artists in New York to study and make work in a small city in the south of France (I am actually drafting this entry on a plane to Paris). How can I connect these two worlds? Via a third world, that of readily accessible electronic media. I hope that this blog may serve as a container for several things that I would like to accomplish with this move to Montpellier, namely:

          -to remain a resource to my friends by reporting on their work, plugging their events, and increasing their web presences

          -to connect my readers with great things happening in New York, Europe, and digital and analog media past and present

          -to make my viewpoint publicly accessible and thereby practice pride in it as well as accountability

          -to develop something of a philosophy of art critique as a supportive and affirmative act

          -to maintain a writing practice

          -to post pictures of myself next to aqueducts

I invite you to participate as you please – comment, give me feedback, start a conversation! I would like for this forum to encompass many viewpoints. I am open to publishing things you write, if you yourself would like a forum for expression or critique, as long as it is relevant to the scope of the blog. Also, since you are reading this you qualify as my friend, so please let me know if there is anything you are doing that you would like me to plug or anything that I should be paying attention to. I am grateful for all participation!

Stay well and be good,



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